Richardson’s Shangri-La Resort Guidelines 2020

1. To allow more time for cabin cleaning and disinfecting, check in time will be moved to 3 p.m. on Saturdays.
2. We are working with EcoLab Hospitality and Health division and state of Minnesota to assist with cleaning and disinfecting guidelines. We are committed to providing a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19. As mentioned above check-in time has been moved back two hours to provide a minimum seven hour window for cleaning. Each cabin will be disinfected by our cleaning crew. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes will be provided in each cabin and vacuums will be equipped with Shark Navigator HEPA filters. Cabin cleaning checklist available upon request.
3. Please respect social distancing with guests from other cabins and staff.
4. Please only one cabin at a time in the fish-house. See cleaning guidelines posted in fish-house.
5. If using Shangri-La sheets, please bag and tie sheets and pillow-cases before leaving. Large clear bags provided.
6. Please bag and tie all garbage.
7. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at (218) 757-3380. If you drive to the office, please call from the driveway or ring the big red bell. We’ll meet you outside.
8. On Fridays we will check you out and settle the bill on your deck.
9. We now accept credit cards. To cover our payment processing cost a 4% surcharge is added to your bill. No extra fee if paying with check or cash.
10.Please wipe down paddles (kayak, canoe, paddleboard) before using.
11. Basketball and Rave use: You can play with people from your cabin but not from other cabins.
12.If you use Shangri-La Resort life vests, please keep them in your dock box upon leaving. We will disinfect and place them back in motor shed. This year we will keep motor shed locked so we don’t mix up life vests.
13.We will do our best to disinfect our rental boats and lock boxes during turnovers on Saturdays.
14.Sorry, but we cannot operate the sauna this summer.

Most importantly, enjoy your family and friends--the people closest to you. Fish. Have campfires. Grill out. Read a good book. Play games. And enjoy the lake: swim, kayak, fish. If you need anything, please ask. Just don’t ask Old Hickory where to catch fish.